If you’re rolling your own server, here’s those extra nginx confs that you may always forget to add for speed & comfort.

Pretty much all the essentials are there:

HestiaCP=fork of VetstaCP, reliable + apache setup.

Also, for anyone who wants to run their own, but the documentation is daunting, should I make a tutorial video or fix the Docker image lol?

@jerry some nginx conf gems above, timeouts should fix your worker problems imo. Unless it’s that hectic LOL. I always use the Vesta/Hestia conf as it almost always makes or breaks my sites, i think the best I had on 2-4 threads was like 2k new visitors per second. Happy to help if you need any, unless you’re all sweet!

@sickcodes thank you very much for this. Out of curiosity, is there a reason for only one process?

@sickcodes Thanks for this. I've been wanting to setup one but #nginx is being a pain by throwing the no SSL cert and not running but then won't let me use certbot to add certs cause of the no cert error. >.>


Is there any good desctiption of the why for some of these settings? I don't like just applying someone else's tune, and if this applies 'everywhere' it should be the default.

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